From the Department of Mental hygiene and Homeland Security


How did a country like America produce fearful, sanctimonious little cretins like the asshats who compiled this list of “Dangerous Books”? Dangerous books!! What are these guys smoking??

Incidentally, between the main list and the “honorable mentions,” they pretty much managed to list all my favorite books. I mean, Democracy & Education? That’s basically a hymn to human freedom from one of America’s great philosophers of Democracy. I’m not carrying any water for Mein Kampf or Chairman Mao, but what kind of Americans think that Dewey is dangerous? To borrow a sadly shopworn phrase from the wingnut playbook, I can only image that someone who hates John Dewey hates…well…America.

PS…does anyone else think it’s scary that the political climate in the US is such that you can talk about “dangerous books” (and not be talking about lie-laden wingnut best sellers like “Men In Black” or Ann Coulter’s latest textual abortion) without getting laughed out of the room?


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