my fat ass, apparently

As you can see, today is “Nonpolitical Bloggingmas” in the Republic of Dogs, so here’s one final, poignant, personal-yet-pointless post.

I just got back from a committee meeting with some potential funders down at the County Courthouse. I was there with my boss, one of my fellow managers, and a member of our Board of Directors.

This particular Director, who is approximately 598 years old, has harangued me on several past occasions about the various and sundry evils of smoking. So naturally, I thought he’d like to know that I quit several months ago, and have managed to “stay quit”. So I told him that I quit smoking.

And without pausing a beat, he said…”So that’s where the weight came from!”

Let me repeat that:

“So that’s where the weight came from!”


I’m not sure what I want more at this point: to go home and lay on the couch and eat a gallon of ice cream, or just buy a pack of Marlboro Lights and smoke them all.

Old coot.


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