What a great way to wake up!

First thing I here this morning is Howard Dean being interviewed on NPR. He says that Democrats need to stop being afraid to “say what we believe”, because if we say what we believe, people will join us. True enough, think I. Then in the next sentence, he’s talking about how “the Democratic Party is not the party of gay marriage, the Democratic Party is not the party of abortion.”

Ahem. Now, I have written elsewhere about the broad spectrum of legitimate positions around abortion, and I have also blown a great deal of hot air about just how stupid I think gay marriage is as an issue. I am one of those gay guys who thought that the whole fun thing about being gay was that we get to create ways of living and loving that are outside of the same old stale, failed constructs of heterosexual hegemony. I basically think that the obsession of gay activists with same sex marriage reflects a lack of political imagination.


I am willing to hazard a guess that many if not most Democrats are Democrats (at least in part) because in a world of crazed would-be mullahs, we hold to the old Enlightenment vision of personal freedom embodied in the phrase “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. The best arguments for both abortion rights and gay marriage center on concepts of the autonomy and privacy of citizens in free societies. So why is my party’s leader on the radio talking about how we’ve disrespected religious people? I’m so weary of talk like that. Last time I checked, every politician of any standing in the Democratic party was a Christian and not afraid to talk about it. Our failure to believe that our national standing before Almighty God depends solely on what we do with fags and fetuses doesn’t make us un-Christian or anti-religious. It makes us sane, and differentiates us from the fringy weirdos of the radical right. You know, the folks who have no rational concept of the comprehensive relationship between Christian ethics and public policy, because they haven’t thought about anything but fetuses and Creationism for the past 20 years?

Give me a break, Howie.

In other news, I woke up this morning and found my cat laying next to me. On her back, with her head on the pillow, like a little person. She’s so weird. Fun, sweet, adorable….but weird.


3 Responses to “What a great way to wake up!”

  1. Horatio Says:

    Dean is mostly right, though. Democrats have perfected the art of cowering before the press and the American electorate. We need to be fearless about what we believe in. One abortion, he’s right, we’re not the party of abortion. We’re not pro-abortion. We’re pro- Not Telling Other People How To Live Their Lives.

  2. res publica Says:

    Yes, I agree. But the answer isn’t to back off those issues, it’s to return focus to the underlying principles from which those positions (and others) are derived.

  3. Expert Dreamer Says:

    It is the policy of the United States that activities in space should be devoted to peaceful purposes for the benefit of all mankind.

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