My inaugural comment!

Holy crap! Someone just left a comment! First ever, I’m totally excited. It’s down under the entry titled “Now I lay me down to type”

In return for being brave enough to comment on my totally haphazard and deranged blog, I’m gonna blogroll my new favorite person for five minutes, Blue Girl!

You rock, Blue Girl! I feel like someone just smashed a bottle of champaign against the side of….umm….my computer? My head? I appear to have located the exact limits of that metaphor.

God, how sad is it that I’m so excited about this? Anyway, I’m off to lunch. Momma needs nachos.


4 Responses to “My inaugural comment!”

  1. Alan Says:

    Look! Another comment! Mwahahaha. Saw your comment at catch…another Texas(Dallas) blogger here.

  2. res publica Says:

    Truely, this is an embarassment of riches.

  3. blue girl Says:


    I think I’ve made a new friend. I have to think of something better to say than “you’re really funny” — every time I visit. I’ll work on it.

    You’re way aheadda me and I’ve been blogging since Feb. YOU have a blog roll — which I don’t know how to do yet.

    Lance emailed me instructions — but, I get all panicky — like if I hit the wrong button — my blog will disappear or something. (And God, wouldn’t that be horrible for the world!)

    Anyway, loved your Exploding Head, Part 2,649 — I feel the same way every time I’m forced to run into Walmart (which I really try not to do) —

    Ok. I’ll finish now before you think I’m really desperate and lame.

    Keep up the good work.

    Lame closer: you’re funny!

  4. res publica Says:

    Aww thanks, you made my night! As don’t worry about traffic, it really is just a function of time. I am relatively new on Blogger, but I had a blog over at for a couple of years. The HTML, the traffic, and all the rest just comes with time and practice. A good hint for doing blogrolling (or any other changes to your template) is to copy and paste your entire template to a text file (“Notepad”) and save it…that way, if you fuck up the live version, you can just erase it and paste the original back in. Have fun! You can only break things to a certain point. *shrug*

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