my head explodes in 28 new dimensions

You can read the whole article, but here’s the really fun part:

“Texans have made a decision about marriage and if there is some other state that has a more lenient view than Texas then maybe that’s a better place for them [gays] to live,” Perry said.


“The critics are generally those who object to people of faith participating in government or the electoral process,” said Perry spokeswoman Kathy Walt. “There are a number of critics who would object to this bill-signing if it were in a public school, a library, a Wal-Mart parking lot or any other venue, because they oppose pro-life and pro-family issues.”

Pastor Larry White of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Houston said the gathering there was about life, family and marriage.”There are those that would drive people of faith from the public square if they could,” White said.

I wish I had something really funny to say, but this really pisses me off. I mean, I was fully aware of what that blowdried asshat Perry thinks about gays, etc., but for a sitting governor to suggest that a segment of the population leave the state? That gives a whole new meaning to “out of line”.

And of course, you have the mandatory Pastor Blubberton McPiehole jabbering about the poor, oppressed People of Faith and how everyone wants to drive them out and force them into gay marriages and make them work in abortion clinics and kill them and bake bread from the blood of their babies. In a state where the governor, both houses of the state legistlature, the courts, and the county and city governments are among the most conservative and right-wing in the entire nation (or in the history of the nation, for that matter). So I guess by “drive people of faith from the public square” he means “have opinions that we don’t agree with”. Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo.

I guess the only real comment I have is this: The GOP is really showing it’s colors. They’re a party for some Americans, and the rest of us can just pack it up and move straight to hell.

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