bloggus interruptus

Okay, I have to actually do some work today. I’ll be back this evening….if I am properly gratified by a wide array of new and pithy comments. So get to typin’!


8 Responses to “bloggus interruptus”

  1. blue girl Says:

    Ok. I’m not sure it’s pithy enough tho. This is the only thing my brain can come up with, cuz it’s hot up here and I’m tired — I slugged down one too many Mich Ultra’s at the bonfire last night. (A bonfire on a 95 degree evening you ask? Yes! Remember! I live in a red state!!)

    “Republic of Dogs” — sounded kind of scary to me — like a bunch of pit bulls. That’s the visual I got at first.

    But, then you put that cute little boo-boo puppy shot on your site! It’s toooo cute! (Pooch your lips out while you read that last line)

    You commented on Lance’s site that you didn’t have *feelings* and stuff.

    But, obviously — you do.

    Hopefully, I can be pithier in the future!

  2. res publica Says:

    You’ve passed my pith test!

    I live in south-central Texas, so I understand setting things on fire when it’s already 900 degrees out. The booze helps to numb the pain.

    The “dogs” in “Republic of Dogs” is not really referring to actual, like, puppies. It’s more like when you call someone a “dirty dog”. Specifically, I was referring to the jerkwad Republicans that have hijacked our fair nation. Then I found the clip art of the puppy pissing on the laptop, and that clinched it.

    I like dogs, but I actually have a cat. I only like large dogs, but we live in a smallish apartment, so that doesn’t seem fair. If you navigate your way back to last friday’s post, you can see some pictures of my darling, bloodthirsty little psychopath. Okay, it’s not that bad…she’s actually pretty sweet for a creature that has so many sharp, pointy parts.

  3. blue girl Says:

    Lucky does not look like a psychopath!

    We have two cats. Woody and Lego. Both black — very cool cats, each in their own way.

    We also have 3 guinea pigs — Scruffy, Charlie Brown & Harold. All girls. Don’t ask – let’s just say that when we found out Harold was “expecting” after we bought her — well, couldn’t change her name at that point, could we?

    We also have a turtle named Squirtle. And we’re thinking about letting him go — go back to the wild — where he can make other turtle friends and do those things that turtles do when no one’s watching….we’re just not sure. We don’t know if he’d make it.

    He’s actually a friend now. No more ducking his head back in his shell when you walk up. I feel bad for him stuck in that aquarium thing all the time.


  4. res publica Says:

    Yeah, she *looks* real cute. That’s how she tricks you. She’s less cute when she’d biting my nose to wake me up in the morning. I lover her to death, though, and she is quite a looker.

    I could never really dig guinea pigs or hampsters. Too rodent-like for my tastes. I used to have a friend who had pet hedgehogs, and they were profoundly awsome, albeit extremely pointy and painful.

    Turtles rock hard, but they will not hesitate to pee on you. be warned.


  5. John Says:

    Oh you have a job? lucky bastard.

  6. res publica Says:

    It’s overrated.

  7. blue girl Says:

    Yes, guinea pigs have weird, scary rat feet for sure. But — they’re really cute when you get to know them.

    Mostly they seem like bunnies, little buckteeth and all.

    Our son suckered us into buying Harold at the pet store — and Voila! 5 weeks later — 4 babies! That was a pretty cool experience.

  8. res publica Says:

    plus, I hear you can eat guinea pigs. You should start a farm!

    (Totally kidding)

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