just like America, except with more Jesus and less future!

You know, if this didn’t exist, there’s no way you could ever invent it.


Is the new Christian American flag being proposed by this wingnut.

Isn’t it pretty? Doesn’t it fill yer heart with luv fer AmeriJesus whose comin’ again real soon to hit them dirty libruhls with a big stick?

I wish I could come up with something really funny to say about this, but in truth, I have nothing but contempt for (profoundly anti-American and anti-democratic) bullshit like this.

Oh, and you don’t want to miss the lyrics for the background tune on her site:

In God I will trust United I will stand With my brothers and sisters All over this land

I love to vote
I love the US of A
It’s the land of the free, sweet liberty
And I’ve gotta sing the same

I’m an American Christian
Born in the US of A
American Christian
Born again by God’s grace

And I thank God for my country
Where I can worship and pray
I’m an American Christian
Loving my Jesus in the US of A

Now this country was founded
By a few godly men
And I as a Christian
I have rights I’ll defend

Now, I love america
And I love Jesus too
Every night on my knees
I ask God please
Bless the red white and blue

And God through the night
With the light from above
American Christian
I’m loving my Jesus
In the US of A


One Response to “just like America, except with more Jesus and less future!”

  1. Lance Mannion Says:

    Jesse Taylor over at Pandagon said what needs to be said about the flag.

    It looks like a beer bottle label.


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