thanks a lot.

I wanted to write about Durbin’s apology for the apparent Crime Against the State he committed by pointing out that torture is bad. I wanted to write about it yesterday, actually, but I was too upset. It’s all to stupid and too frustrating to be believed – how this collection of craven, greedy, destructive, dishonest criminals has managed to get away with massive and numerous crimes against this country and its Constitution, which they swore to uphold and protect. How they have the temerity to suggest any kind of impropriety on the part of anyone else, when this entire government has been little more than one giant rolling impropriety, crushing every good and ordinary thing it could since 2000. How lying to the Congress of the United States is apparently no longer a crime, or even a sin, in our Shiny New BushMurika. How the cowards and war profiteers in Congress, all puffed up and full of Jesus, sit by and do nothing while America is raped of its allies, reputation, credibility, moral authority, national security, and financial health by this smirking, greedy, shallow jackass from Texas.

Anyway, Michael Berube sums it all up better than I ever could (again) in this post:

“The people who criticize torture are vilified, and the people who oversee it are rewarded. And the United States takes two more confident, emphatic strides toward the abyss. Thanks, all you wingnuts, both in and out of office. You’ve done more to aid and comfort the enemy than you’ll ever know.”

Be sure to read the whole thing. It’s great, in a disheartening way.


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