My pro-lynching senator


is Kay Bailey Hutchison, one of the two Senators who embarrass represent me and my fellow Texans in Congress.

Kay has degraded distinguished herself in my eyes twice in the past week or so.

First, she initially joined up with the GOP Lynch-Mob who proudly refused to co-sponsor a resolution apologizing for the Senate’s failure to pass anti-lynching legislation during the heyday of lynching in the Klan-dominated deep South. She was originally one of over 20 (yes, Kathy, that is more than one-third of the all-white GOP Senators!) who failed to sign on. Co-sponsorship became such a large issue because Bill Frist had threatened to table the resolution indefinitely unless the vote was held at night and without a rollcall. Which seemed odd, as many of us would have assumed that being against lynching is a pretty non-controversial stance in 2005. But many of us apparently don’t know the modern Republican Party very well. Anyway, since there was no rollcall vote, the only way anyone can know who supported the bill is to look at who co-sponsored it. And the great thing about co-sponsorship is that Senators can sign on even after the legislation has passed!

Which Kay eventually did, after her offices were flooded with calls from outraged Texans. But she noted that while she is generously opposed to lynching, “you don’t have to cosponsor everything that you are in favor of.”

Which, I suppose, is true. Unfortunately, it seems that Kay sponsors a lot of trivial dumbass legislation. John Aravosis, a well-known studmonkey blogger, noted the following in his recent column in Radar Magazine:

Senators Hutchison and Cornyn, both of Texas, cosponsored a resolution “commending the Lady Bears of Baylor University for winning the 2005 National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Women’s Basketball Championship.” Alexander, Cochran, and Gregg (NH) cosponsored “National Airborne Day.” Thomas and Enzi cosponsored “The National Day of the American Cowboy.” Bennett (UT), Gregg, Lott, Sununu (NH), and Thomas cosponsored a resolution designating March 25, 2005, “Greek Independence Day.” Smith authored a resolution for the “victims of communism.” And just in time for Father’s Day, Alexander, Bennett, Cochran, Cornyn, and Lott took time out to cosponsor a Hallmark-ready resolution “protecting, promoting, and celebrating fatherhood.” Perhaps they would have cosponsored the lynching resolution if the victims had been Greek airborne cowboys or Cuban refugees.

Perhaps. Though they could be all of those things and still be black, so I doubt it.

Why, you ask? Of the 55 Republican Senators and the 231 Republican Representatives in Congress, guess how many are black? That’s right, Kathy! Zero!

Let’s play again. Of the 3,643 Republicans currently seated in America’s state legislatures, how many do you think are non-white? Well, Kathy, it’s a little more than 0, but not much. 44. And yeah, that is 1.2% of the total.

So perhaps the next time the braying pieholes of the “news” media decide to publicly stroke themselves to climax over the latest manufactured OUTRAGE!!, as they did over Howard Dean’s remark that the GOP is pretty much a “white Christian party”, they should check in with reality and look at the facts.

But back to my piss-stained coward of a Senator, Kay. Tapped, the blog of American Prospect magazine, reports that Kay’s staff says that she agrees with Karl Rove’s recent remarks to the effect that liberals wanted to give therapy and understanding to the 9/11 attackers, because we are motivated by a hatred of America’s troops.

Now, you can look below to read my thoughts about Mr. Rove’s constant provision of oral service to the Radical Right, but I want to offer the following to Sen. Kay from one of her constituents.

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