My First Troll: Or, How I Compromised Male Dignity By Acting Like A Woman Sexually

I got my first troll!! I’m so excited! Go down to the post titled “That’s gay – Intermission” and check out the comments.

Do I need, like, special troll food or anything?

Not only did he imply that I’m selfish and a pervert, but he also faulted me for “using big words”! Awsome.

Here’s the best part of the post on his blog, wherein he purports to “set this issue [of homosexuality] to rest”:

“In addition, when a man acts like a woman sexually, male dignity is compromised. It is a degradation, not only in regard to himself, but for every other male. I can’t speak for the females though, since I’m a dude.”

As for laying anything to rest, I’ll just say “sadly, no”. But this fits so spectacularly with what we were talking about that I’m tempted to think Cold Wolf is Pinko Punko in disguise!

Anyway, this is a major step for me. Next thing you know, I’ll be getting hate mail like Pandagon or Atrios!

By way of congratulating me, feel free to buy me any of the items listed on my many wish lists, which can be accessed via the links to the right.


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