This is a comment, bitches!

Since Haloscan is teh lame, and appears to have bitten it pretty hard this evening, I just wanted to post this message for my adoring fans. All 4 of you.

BG: My “nap” turned out to be 5 hours long, which is why I never wrote my sex advice column for the parents of love-lorn (and hormone-riddled) teens. But have no fear! As we say in Texas, “I’m gonna!” Also, I really will send you that powerpoint presentation, if you want. It was created to train outreach workers, so it’s very informative, and the pictures will burn your eyes out. They’re the opposite of sex. “Anal Gonorrhea”.

Neddie: Your comment made me laugh really hard. And the answer to your question is: yes, that man has his thumb up the younger one’s ass.

Just kidding. I hope. That image is an actual poster from an early social hygene campaign of the Public Health Service (your tax dollars at work for you!).

Pinko: I’m glad you are enjoying my subversion of hegemonic discursive structures of patriarchy. Just kidding, I pretty much just talk out of my ass on this blog, but I’m glad you enjoy it. Y’all’s comments are about 60% of the fun.

Sadly, I will be at an off-site meeting all day tomorrow. This will invole the barbaric hardship of going 8 hours without internet access. So…you know….no blogging. Although maybe I can blog from my SideKick…guess I’ll find out. Anyway, I’ll make up for it tomorrow night, all “Gays Gone Wild!” style. Until then, sweet dreams!


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