Just Spreadin’ A Little Love. Won’t You Join Me?

I spent lots of time writing a post last night. So, please click here to read it. Of course, I want to see you visit my page in my stats area, (go to blue girl several times today, show me a little love) but more importantly I want you all to meet The Unbearable Bobness of Being. He’s such an awesome writer and has a great sense of humor. You will all love him.

Here’s a sampler from the Bobness (he gets way more outrageous than this, but I liked this):


Please Put Your Tray Tables and Moral Development in the Upright Position

Soon I will be on an airplane. A great metallic bird shaking itself free from earth’s iron fisted grip. Arcing into the June morning sky. What is my destination? My purpose?

Is it to end up in a motel room near the waterfront with a new lover, compulsively and desperately chasing away the unwanted spectres of our lives in a sweaty crescendo of fuck?


Is it to impale myself upon the jangled steam pipes of social injustice in the inner city, sacrificing my white suburban ass to the weak and downtrodden?

Pretty sure….not

Is it to shed the artifices of the neogolden age and in the casting off of the cheap navy blue suit of postmodernism I will begin a vision quest to a new paradigm?


No, it is all of these things and it is less, I am traveling this morning to attend a meeting. A meeting! For work! I will be well organized and operate as an adept functionary to the Demi-Gods of The Bureaucracy. My mind will think in bulleted thoughts, always subservient to the greater mission statement. My values-driven decisions will ring like the bells of Saints. I will be fierce in my commitment to the greater Quality Improvement Plan.

SeaTac Air Traffic Control (0752 6.22.05): Alaska 70 Alaska 70 Please vector right and hold at 12000. We have angels on the runway.


And speaking of my stats page. I need to see a little variety today. I need to see that people come to blue girl from all over the blog-o-sphere to ponder my thoughts. So, first make sure you visit all these sites and then click on blue girl from their blogroll. You will be putting good things out into the universe. And I promise, it will come back to you.

First click from Res’s blogroll to the right. Duh, that’s an easy one.

Here are others who have blogrolled me. It’s quite a short list. So sad. But, I will keep trying damnit!

Lance Mannion

Neddie Jingo


Shakespeare’s Sister

Rat Boy

The Viscount LaCarte


Unbearable Bobness



Rook’s Rant

James Wolcott (Just Kiddin’! Dang!)

Ok. Me just wanting you to go to these cool cat bloggers just so that you can click on blue girl seems a little *it’s all about me.* Make sure you read them too.

Now I’m off. Business awaits. My mind is beginning to think in bulleted thoughts.

Over and out.


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