Angels Ponder Deep Thoughts While Fighting The Culture Wars

Resting in blue girl’s boudoir, $2.00 Amish Country Angels received in sarcasm from the mother-in-law years ago, ponder not only the degradation of humanity, but also male dignity and how it is compromised by the female impersonator. And they are not even astonished that a simple coffee cup could inspire such deep thoughts. It’s the little things each day, created by mere mortals that inspire the Angels. It keeps them busy. Their pondering and praying is a lot of work.

They look rested, but they are totally burned out. There’s so much to ponder. So much to pray for.

The Amish Country Angel on the Right also prays for the Amish Country Angel on the Left — knowing that her pose is intended to be suggestive on purpose specifically for this photo shoot.
She is the Pamela Anderson of the Amish Country Angels. All the Angels know she’s a total slut.

You say Amish Angel on the Left doesn’t look like a she? Ahhhh. You could be right. I think he may be just acting like a woman.

Blue Girl’s Amish Country Angels watch over you, Res! And pray for you to recruit many, many robot workers and unpolluted minds to buy your new merchandise. After all, *conform” is such a pleasing message.

Especially to the Amish Country Angel on the Right.


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