Small World

by Stephen Sondheim

Funny, you’re a stranger who’s come here,
Come from another town.
Funny, I’m a stranger myself here–
Small world, isn’t it?
Funny, you’re a man who goes travelin’
Rather than settlin’ down.
Funny, ’cause I’d love to go travelin’–
Small world, isn’t it?

We have so much in common,
It’s a phenomenon.
We could pool our resources
By joining forces
From now on.
Lucky, you’re a man who likes children–
That’s an important sign.
Lucky, I’m a woman with children–
Small world, isn’t it?
Funny, isn’t it?
Small, and funny, and fine.

My alarm clock wakes me up by turning on NPR, which means that Morning Edition is the first thing I hear each day (and that probably explains a lot about my general state of mental unhealth). Today, for whatever bizarre reason, they were playing this song as incomparably sung by Ethel Merman.

There are worse ways to start a day.


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