the unbearable suckiness of being

There’s a lot going on in the news lately, and normally I would comment on it, but it’s started to all blur together into this one giant oppressive realization about the suckiness of the world, and when I think about it I get so agitated that I can’t really come up with anything reasonable or trenchant to say. I mean, really, what is there to say about the Bush Administration at this point? Worst president ever! What to say about Africa? Virginity tassels and multiple wives and patriarchy and rape and (surprise!) HIV, which gets blamed on decadent European feminism and homosexuality and the Episcopal Church’s one gay bishop. Entire continent full of patriarchal bullshit! What to say about America? Wal-mart mouth-breathers ascendant! Freedom in the toilet and about to be flushed! The end of the Enlightenment, ignorance and superstition triumphant! Please let me come live in Canada! End of essay.

So anyway, you can see that when I think about current affairs, I go a little crazy.

Isn’t Isaac cute? We are so in love with him. It’s really astonishing how helpless and fragile human babies are. One almost wonders how we survived prehistory as a species. Our young can’t really do anything for themselves for several years. Like 24 years, in my case.

I locked my keys in my car yesterday. It was really awesome. I continually amaze myself.

Sorry if I’ve been a bad blogger lately. In addition to going insane at the mere mention of current events, I have picked up a consulting gig in addition to my regular job, and so am required to spend my evening working rather than writing long, thoughtful post that go unread by anyone except Blue Girl, Pinko Punko and Grishaxxx. And that bastard Capt. Trollypants.

Once this project is delivered, I promise to be back and worse than ever!


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