The latest crisis in the Long Emergency

Two things that scare me:

1. In a major catastrophe, all that the federal government seems to be able to offer is martial intervention to enforce the state’s monopoly on force, and

2. In the absence of a state monopoly on force, citizens will not abide by the social contract out of solidarity with one another.

Also, need I even point out what a total embarrassment our President has been (again) in this time of national emergency? What a fucking tool.


Today in San Antonio, we will receive the first of 25,000 refugees slated to come here from the gulf coast areas of the southeast. This will pose a challenge for our city in general, but within my specific domain of responsibility, I have a few immediate concerns.

First, we need to get guidance from HRSA as to whether and how we can provide Ryan White CARE Act-funded services to refugees who would otherwise be eligible for those services in their home EMA.

Second, we need to rapidly make contact with HIV-positive refugees who may have lost or be running out of their medications. It is important that a couple of missed doses not turn into a “drug holiday” and the loss of a treatment option due to drug resistance.

I guess everyone has his or her part to play. Okay, time to get to work. I hope everyone reading this is dry and safe and knows where his/her family are.


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