What’s Constantly Degrading Me This Week?

Cross-posted from Three Bulls!

–>So I’m having lunch with Geenie Cola outside across the way, and afterwards I walk back through her builiding, and a wall of stink like an open ass literally smashes into us as we go through the door. This stink, like a sun baked juicy Hefty bag of baby diapers (not newborn) and assorted vegetable scraps was just totally foul. Seriously, my face contorted into a total Calvin and Hobbes Calvin face. Like completely out of whack. And I’m all “what….the….Eff….is….THAT??” and then we round the corner and some sweet little undergrad is scooping some warmed-up Asian something into her cakehole. And that was what was smelling. I think we’ve all been there. Had that yummy dish at the restaurant, so good, yummy yummy, gloooob and all that, and said “hey, I’ll take this home.” Us big city folks know that the second we get that carton onto public transportation, some crazy transubstantiation (or is it consubstantiation) happens, and we’re not talking that the food turns in the body of JC. Just the opposite, it turns into the devil. And before you get all up in my grill about my sensitive nose, someone in the office down the hall was about to call Facilities to have them come look for a dead animal.

Moral of the story: some leftovers should not be warmed up in the community microwave and then flounced through the building and leisurely piled into your cakehole.
Back me up on this, BG!


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