Just when you think that your government can’t embarrass you any more, you read something like this:

From the Mirror:

Tons of British aid donated to help Hurricane Katrina victims to be BURNED by Americans

From Ryan Parry, US Correspondent in New York

HUNDREDS of tons of British food aid shipped to America for starving Hurricane Katrina survivors is to be burned.

US red tape is stopping it from reaching hungry evacuees.

Instead tons of the badly needed Nato ration packs, the same as those eaten by British troops in Iraq, has been condemned as unfit for human consumption.

And unless the bureaucratic mess is cleared up soon it could be sent for incineration.

One British aid worker last night called the move “sickening senselessness” and said furious colleagues were “spitting blood”.

The food, which cost British taxpayers millions, is sitting idle in a huge warehouse after the Food and Drug Agency recalled it when it had already left to be distributed.

Scores of lorries headed back to a warehouse in Little Rock, Arkansas, to dump it at an FDA incineration plant.

The Ministry of Defence in London said last night that 400,000 operational ration packs had been shipped to the US.

But officials blamed the US Department of Agriculture, which impounded the shipment under regulations relating to the import and export of meat.

The aid worker, who would not be named, said: “This is the most appalling act of sickening senselessness while people starve.

“The FDA has recalled aid from Britain because it has been condemned as unfit for human consumption, despite the fact that these are Nato approved rations of exactly the same type fed to British soldiers in Iraq.

“Under Nato, American soldiers are also entitled to eat such rations, yet the starving of the American South will see them go up in smoke because of FDA red tape madness.”

Be sure to read the whole article, because there’s more, and it’s more ridiculous than words can say. Thanks to the FDA’s corruption and open interference in the food markets to prevent customer demand for higher quality foods from having an impact on the bottom line of big agriculture, Americans are subjected to a meat supply that is nothing short of disgusting. In fact, I would say that there are countless items in your local grocery store that are completely ‘unfit for human consumption’ but which are nevertheless direct-marketed to your children and shoved down your family’s collective throat.

And let’s be clear that big agro and the Administration’s other corporate buddies are exactly what this little fiasco is about. The feds are gearing up for (another) massive corporate giveaway in the name of “relief” and “reconstruction”, and you can bet that nothing will flow into that region that wasn’t procured at premium prices with your taxes from G.W.’s corpo-pals.


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