I am an international phenomenon.

Well, okay, perhaps that’s a tiny understatement. However, I just noticed that SiteMeter has this really cool function that tells you where your visitors are physically located. Imagine my surprise at learning that not only do I have more than 5 readers, but some of them are abroad!

So shout out to the guy or girl who just visited from Hong Kong, and to the Brazilian from earlier this morning. Also, to whoever visits on a semi-regular basis from Australia.

On the other hand, fuck off, you dirty pig in Lahore, Pakistan, who found this blog via an MSN Search for “free dog sex”. And let me go ahead and extend that “FUCK YOU” to MSN Search, which is apparently the official search engine of fuckwads who find my blog by searching for barnyard sex sites. Why, Microsoft, why?? I’m a fucking MCP, for christsakes. I would think that one of the benefits of certification might be something like “We won’t arbitrarily send loads of sick-ass fringe-porn-seekers to your blog through our search engine!” But I would apparently be mistaken.

Okay, whew, enough of that. Anyway, to my international readers (and the rest of you shmucks), thanks for reading, stick around, and leave a comment every once in a while.

Oh, and have a nice day.


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