all my shit is broke

Okay, so my decrepit, ancient “Gold Membership” at, home of my first (supersucky) blog, finally expired. Too bad about the billion pictures I was hosting over there. So um…sorry about all the pictures that no longer appear in my old posts. Life marches on (my fucking face).

Also (and this is a two-part bitch): Firefox has suddenly stopped working on my laptop. I don’t know why. It appears to load, although my settings do not. No home page loads, nor can I interact with any of the UI controls. Explorer works fine (or, at least as well as IE ever worked), but my template is somehow fizucked in such a way that my sidebar gets knocked to the bottom of the page when my blog is viewed in IE. This does not occur in Firefox.

My boyfriend is out of town for the weekend.

Oh, and my cat just scratched the fucking hell out of me.

Hope everyone’s having a great friday night!


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