Yosef is this blog’s baby-daddy!

It was Yosef who first linked to the smarty-pants essay below, thus bringing my “online magazine” to the attention of a couple of real blogs. In consequence, my lapidary, Liechtenstein-esque republic has been overrun with ravening hoards of komment kommandos with their “spelling” and their fancy “facts” and “logic”.

Well-known blogging stud and comment-thread dominator Yosef* Posted by Picasa

Anyway he’s one of the several (definitely more than 3) blogstuds who shack up over at 3 Bulls!, a blog that I consider an ally in my perpetual war against all that is good and holy. Isn’t he hot? Anyway, thanks Yosef! I’m sure that dKos operatives are going to show up here later to break my fingers, but it’s been a fun day so far.

*Totally not Yosef, as far as I know. I guess it could be, but I seriously doubt anyone that tan has a blog.


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