Roxanne Degrades Me With A Meme!!

Gee thanks! Man, I hate these things. I never have a good answer. Also, I’m a day late. Sigh.

Okay, here we go.

1. Of all the books that you have eventually finished after many starts and stops, which one took you the longest and how long did it eventually take.

I purchased the “Ecrits” anthology of Jacques Lacan’s writings in 2000. Guess what I haven’t finished reading yet? I mean, I’ve read the whole thing in the sense that my eyes have in fact looked at each printed word on every page, but in some sections, that’s about as far as I’ve gotten. When I discovered Slavoj Zizek, that helped a lot. But what could possibly help with this?

This picture drilled a hole in my head and fucked it! Posted by Picasa

On the other hand, the persistent reader is rewarded with chewy caramel-coated nougat-nut-clusters of text such as

“Is the place that I occupy as the subject of a signifier concentric or excentric in relation to the place I occupy as subject of the signified? That is the question. It is not a question of knowing whether I speak of myself in a way that conforms to what I am, but rather knowing whether I am the same as that of which I speak.”

(from “Agency of the Letter in the Unconscious”)

2. What great band (or album or song) have you heard so often, you wouldn’t mind never hearing it again even though you still think the band (or album or song) is great?

Madonna, “The Immaculate Collection” (1990). Hello, I’m gay.

3. Which cliché or often cited quote needs to be placed in quarantine for a few decades?

“War on” anything, unless it’s a War On Rachel Ray.

I trust is goes without saying that nothing was ever more stupid than the “War” on “Terror”, a phrase which doesn’t “make” any “sense” at all.

4. During the 1990’s “Compassion Fatigue” received a lot of press, now the media is giddy with “donation fatigue”. What will be the next trendy fatigue.

I’m voting for “fatigue fatigue”, but in the nightmarish dystopia that is the American future, it will probably “pillaging mutant hoards fatigue” or some throwed-off shit like that.

5. What percentage of respondents will answer “meme fatigue” to question number 4?

I’m not sure. All I know for certain is that 100% of the bloggers in this house really wanted to put “meme fatigue”, until whatever dark, blasphemous god that writes these damned things had to go and be a smarty-pants about question #5. Oh how I hate you, Meme God!

Who get’s degraded before the obscene altar of the Meme God? Why, it’s Bluegirl, 3Bulls!, and The l4m3!


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