Ah, Harriet…we hardly knew thy haggard ass

You people and your “standards” Posted by Picasa

Looks like missy couldn’t finish her homework, even after they returned it to her and gave her an extension. Harriet Miers withdrew herself from consideration for the Supreme Court this morning.

I have to say that although it’s been fun having her to kick around, I feel a tiny bit sorry for her. Someone should have told President L.L. Fontelroy that there was no way she would be confirmed, because that was obvious from the outset. To nominate her was basically to tape a sign to her back that said “kick me”. It was almost mean. I mean, I’m sure she’s perfectly competent corporate lawyer. I am a perfectly competent systems administrator. Neither of us are qualified to sit on the Supreme Court by virtue of our occupational experience.

Just one more failure on the part of our delusional and incompetent executive branch.


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