Sexual Harassment Policies

George Washington University in Washington, DC recently revised their harassment policies. And legal counsel totally cleared up some concerns of mine, but did they?

Consensual Relationships

Relationships that are welcomed by the parties do not entail sexual harassment, and are beyond the scope of this policy. Whether a relationships is in fact welcomed will be gauged according to the circumstances; special risks are involved when one party – whether a faculty member, staff member or student – is in a position to evaluate or exercise authority over the other. It is inappropriate for a faculty member or teaching assistant to have sexual relationships with a student who is currently in his/her course or is subject to his/her supervision or evaluation. It is similarly inappropriate for someone is (that would be a typo ladies and sherms, bad counsel, no cookie) a supervisory position to have a sexual relationship with an individual in a subordinate position. Even when both parties previously consented to a sexual relationship, a charge of sexual harassment may be based on subsequent conduct that one of them does not welcome. Members of the University community are cautioned that consensual relationships can in some circumstances entail abuse of authority, conflict of interest, or other adverse consequences that may be addressed in accordance with pertinent University policy and practice.

However, I am unclear if two Mormons, one student and one professor, engage in ‘soaking’ will action be taken?


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