Gays and Catholics

Another news article that stuns me:

On Tuesday, the Vatican announced that it intends to bar from the seminary men who “support the so-called gay culture” or have “deeply rooted gay tendencies.” Supporting gay culture?

A book published earlier this year, Educating Leaders for Ministry, unearths a study that estimates only 10% of seminarians are highly qualified for the educational component of their work and nearly 40% are hindered by poor education, learning disabilities or lack of familiarity with American culture. They do not even have the education portion under control, why is the focus now on fags?

How exactly does the Vatican expect to know who supports gay culture or if a man has gay tendencies? Is there going to be a Queer Eye for The Vatican Virgin? Five guys come by a potential seminary student’s home and search his home for gay tchokes, while one of them hits on him and another watches a boy-on- boy porn video with him to examine if he gets a woody?

I yet again support Sinead’s opinion on shenanigans in the Catholic Church.


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