Highly Educated Cities

USA Today reported the top US cities in 2004 for people ages 25 and older who have an advanced college degree in today’s paper:

Washington 26%
Seattle 20.9%
San Fran 19.5%
Atlanta 17.1%
Pittsburgh 16.5%
Raleigh, NC 16.3%

There is some fuzzy math going on here. Where are Boston, Cambridge, New York (Manhattan) or Westchester County only), San Diego and Chicago? With prices of homes in these cities, there is no way anyone can afford living there without an MD, Ph.D., MBA or all three combined. You know how I know USA Today is bullshit on this one: fucking PITTSburgh. Other than ‘The O’, what is there in P-town that would attract anyone with an advanced degree and a clue? What is there a bunch of MAs from Bob Jones University residing there? Do not tell me it’s all about Carneige Mellon and Teresa Heinz.

I think these cities paid off USA Today…


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