I Love A Good Email…

How can you help change Wal-Mart this Holiday season?
Get one more person to join the WakeUpWalMart.com campaign.
Yes, it’s that simple. We are building the largest grassroots campaign to change a corporation in history. In less than a year we have more than 138,000 supporters in all 50 states. But we have to reach our goal of 150,000 supporters by December 31st.
You can do it. Already, you have introduced Fair Share Health Care legislation (requiring large, profitable companies to pay their fair share for workers’ health care), raised money for uninsured workers, stood up to corporate special interest lobbyists, fought for social justice and put Wal-Mart on the defensive.
Now we need you to recruit your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to get us to 150,000 supporters by the end of the year.
Visit our special invitation page to invite your friends:

Why not?! We’re also working on the rollback…

One Response to “I Love A Good Email…”

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