I Adore My Old-Timer Friends

I have a group of friends whom I have known for about 10 years. We all met during a time in our lives when we were young (OK, I was young. I have always been the zygote to them) and had no discernable clue where we were going or how we were going to get there. I have kept in touch with most of the boys from the Lonely Hearts Club, as I frequently called us back then (though I always seemed to have a date or boyfriend to be with in one manner or another). One of them, our fearless leader Dink, I rarely see these days. He and I live only a state a way but we both have busy lives with busy significant others and just don’t get to visit upon the davenport enough. We find to email now and again to catch each other up on the events of our lives.

Moving right along, Dink has his own blog these days. It’s a work in progress. It’s embryonic and unstable at best. Last night he sent a supplemental email that I will share with ya’ll that I really enjoyed:

A few random thoughts:
I watched Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer tonight.

The most interesting parts this year?At the end, the storm comes with high winds.It blows away an igloo and the two eskimos underneath it tumble out of frame from the gust of wind.

Immediately afterwards, two elves are knocked over by the same gust of wind but are not blown away yet they appear to be smaller than the eskimos.Why?

Secondly, all female elves are blonde. Why?

Third, Yukon Cornelius has two dogs in his sled. The smaller one jumps out of the sled and has no legs. It just glides across the snow on it’s belly.I love that.

Other Xmas news, they had a retrospective of Andy Williams’ Christmas holiday TV programs on PBS.The format is, of course, those comforting overtly artificial stage sets I dream of bringing back in a modern day variety show. But, more importantly, in one segment they show him singing Ave Maria…..in Latin. Singing in Latin….this was network television.Wow.Amazing. Times have changed.

Funny (or more interesting) story:I got a book order from a Mr. Alain de Botton in London yesterday.Filling the order I thought the name sounded strangely familiar but didn’t pursue the thought. Just filled the order and went along with my day.Later that evening I ended the night by finally finishing the last 20 pages of How Proust Can Change Your Life, a really delightful book that was neglected as I completed the gallery show.So I’m reading the last few pages and I’m thinking “this is a great book, what’s the author’s name again?” and I close the book briefly to look at the cover and the author is….Alain de Botton.Small world.Off to new adventures.

I returned the following email:


-Signed my full name, including middle.

Dink’s response:

You make me blush, dear.

I think I secretly still heart Dink in a way we both know could never work. Is that such a bad thing? Has anyone bothered to figure out who my Secret Blog Lover is, BTW? It’s killing The Uncanny Canadian.


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