Uncanny vs. Bank of America

The Uncanny Canadian received a phone call early on Saturday morning. Being a whipped little Jewish boy, he answered. (You know, perhaps it’s Mommy Canadian. Wouldn’t want her to call twice thereby encouraging a possible drive down from T-town because she cannot get a hold of him). What followed was worth actually waking before 10 AM on a Saturday:
Phone: Briinnng, Briinnng!

UC: Hello (In Canadian)

Phone: Enter Mr. Sales Pitch. The speech about some credit card from Bank of America.

UC: (Waiting for $2.00/hr oversees dude to finish) No, thank you.

Phone: Sir, would you like to take a survey about Bank of America today?

UC: No. I would rather be sleeping which is what I was doing before you called me.

Phone: Ummm. Thank you sir…

UC: Goddammit.

That is kung fu strong.


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