Monday is Phun-Day!!

After running the preceding post through the Dialectizer, I came up with this:

Clin’ t’this

Hat tip t’plovah fo’ findin’ this hyar fairly amazin’ li’l snippet fum out th’ dim an’ desty past:

Th’ cry has been thet when war is declared, all opposishun sh’d tharfo’e be hushed, cuss it all t’ tarnation. A sentiment mo’e unwo’thy of a free country c’d hardly be propagated, cuss it all t’ tarnation. Eff’n th’ dockrine be admitted, rulers haf only t’declare ware an’ they is screened at once fum scrutiny….In war, then, as in peace, assert th’ freedom of speech an’ of th’ press. Clin’ t’this as th’ bulwark of all our rights an’ privileges.

Billy Joe Ellery Channin’ (1780 – 1842)

Yeah, that’s right, it says “Billy Joe Ellery Channin'”, and I totally didn’t do that, which is why I heart the Dialectizer!


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