Cobag Alert!

Who let the dogs out?

The cry of morons against tax spending is getting tired. Rather drole and flat. Largely because the people who cry about it act as though they put into it without getting anything for it. For instance, my favorite argument of 1997 was with a woman who went off about being a senior citizen and how unfair it was for her to pay taxes. (You know because nobody else lives on a fixed budget). She and her husband never voted once in their lives nor did she personally ever work outside of the home. (I was told that she said if she did vote in 2004 it would have been for President Asshat because Senator Kerry wasn’t religious in her mind). They had four children, all public school educated, and raised them as faithful church going people.

My response when she went off about teacher’s salaries: Since you didn’t work and based on your husband’s union wages, estimates suggest you probably paid for about one of your children’s education from kindergarten to 12th grade. So perhaps you owe me a refund because I don’t have any children and I am making more than your husband ever did which means I will pay more taxes in my lifetime.

Her response: Silence!

And that is truly golden people. The dog boys are just as pathetic.

Verdict: Our dogs could kick their puppy cobag arses.


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