Brother, can ya spare a dime?

I’m totally late on this one, but Digby needs money. He’s easily one of the best lefty bloggers around, and unlike some blogs (*cough*republicofdogs*cough*), his blog features actual research, insightful commentary, passion and humor. He’s had his shoulder at the bloggy plough for three years now, and despite having a lot of traffic, is having a hard time making any money from blogads. I can relate, except for the part about “having a lot of traffic”.

Anyway…go send him some paypal love. Every few bucks counts. When I get paid on the 30th, I’m chipping in my two bits. Also, even if you can’t afford to make a contribution (which, hey, it’s like 3 days before Christmas), click through some of his damn ads, ferchristsakes! Bloggers don’t put up ads because we think they’re pretty! Even a stupid and fairly useless blog like the Republic takes up more of my time than I like to think about, and while even serious bloggers rarely manage to make a living by blogging, we do live in a capitalist society and, as they say, time is money.


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