Happy 2006 to all! As we return to the daily grind, it’s time to see what’s up in the blog world. A quick visit to Sean’s place and you’ll learn that nothing has changed.

On his blog he writes:

Okay. Notice some comments have been deleted. This is NOT because I disagree with what is said. Trolls and the like are entitled to their opinions. You are not, however, allowed to use foul language on my blog. I am not the FCC, and as such am not willing to put up any sort of warning that idiots are using foul words here. If you can’t keep your language clean, go comment somewhere else.

Now for you moronic trolls (i.e. Chuckles), I have asked this question to every lefty liberal trash-heap that has the audacity to question the methods of the Bush administration: Where is the proof?

Let’s get this straight: It’s OK to condone the killing of liberals, even though you don’t know some of them. Yet, don’t say shit, tit, motherfucker, cocksucker, balls or dickhead while doing it because Sean is a big prude. Does he just walk up to a liberal and point the gun at the head or does he chat a bit? It’s justified to kill citizens in Iraq, because they tried to kill Daddy and it’s not OK to question the Bush Adminstration. Is Sean-the-catch still single?!

2006 was going to be brighter. Better. Bolder! Guess not. *sigh*

Verdict: Sean is more of a cobag than Brian!


2 Responses to “Sean-the-Cobag!”

  1. A Quick Note at Three Bulls! Says:

    […] AG laying it down at the new Republic of Dogs on SeanS. […]

  2. Chuckles Says:

    I am still pretty damn sure that I didn’t swear at all on that blog. He says in the comments there that he won’t tolerate my insults to his friends. Giant effing cobag.

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