Quote Two From Vacation


Uncanny and I are driving from Canada on 02 January. Gas is needed and it’s kind of urgent. (AG didn’t think so, but UC worries about these sorts of things). 4 miles to gas from highway exit 6. It’s farmland people. Windy roads, snowmobile crossing signs and the remainder of mailboxes taken out from a recent inning of mailbox baseball. After 10 minutes, the local Shell Station is in sight. Whew. Crisis averted.

AG hops out of the car and goes into the little store. It’s a make shift mini mart. A big sign with a deer on it welcomes hunters from Budweiser. Gosh, I heart Appalachia. (And no Yosef, we aren’t in the south). Now, you are thinking OK, little bit country, no big deal. Oh but wait. They have Genesee beer in the case. A backwood country boy from the East Coast knows this is the real deal now. Enter Pam. We don’t know for sure if her name is Pam, but that’s the kind of name a woman of 35 would have gotten back-in-the-day in these parts.

Pam leaves the Dodge Neon running when she comes into the store. AG overhears the brother and sister or husband and wife team (does it matter, it’s probably the same) behind the counter greet her and ask her how her New Year’s Eve was. The wife says “oh yeah, you and Earl are no more.” AG senses this is a fairly fresh one. Pam goes on about how she’s staying with her sister in the interim until she gets her own place. Goddamn girl living in sin. This will teach her…

AG heads out to the car to check on UC. Given the location, they may not take kindly to foreigners in these parts. AG may have to pull her Mayflower Card if anyone tries to go commando on UC’s cute arse. No worries are found and UC wants to use the “facilities” as he coins it that day.

Back into the store. Pam gets all weird as the door opens and finishes her convo quickly by saying, “he kind of hurt my feelings.” With that she leaves. AG waits until she gets into the car to inform UC that Pam is again available if he’s interested, but she’s living at her sister’s until she gets her own place.


UC’s response: “That’s practical”.

AG’s head nearly explodes. UC is the cerebral genius of 2006!


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