Quote Three

So, AG is in Neiman Marcus in Palm Beach last week. UC and AG are there because Canadian Mummsy sees the big red sale sign in the window and wants to check the scene on the woman’s handbags. Unimpressed, Mummsy and cousins decide they must visit the washroom. (Note most of the comments from vacation somehow involve a washroom).

Up to the second floor, UC and AG follow like good little captive caged tourists. AG spots the most beautiful item in the lingerie department on the way there. It’s $129.00 and Christian Dior fine quality. That’s like 50% off regular retail. Geenie C., are you with me on this? As AG is trying to sucker UC into buying it (which he does not), Mummsy strolls by muttering: “Mmm they have a small juicy section”.

AG practically bleeds out right there. UC turns a pale shade of crimson and just stands there. He looks like he might pass a bowel on the floor or something. A few pregnant moments pass and UC taps AG’s shoulder and says, “look over there”:

A sign for Juicy Couture is staring back at AG with about three racks behind it. *What a blonde moment that was.*


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