Blue Girl’s Acceptance Speech

As my named is called, cue the theme song to, I can’t think of a perfect one — so let’s go with “Memories” from The Way We Were.”

And let’s actually have Barbara there singing it in person. That would be awesome!

As I, shaking, weeping get up from my 10th row seat to walk to the stage to accept my award, I gently stop at Grisha, Troy and Res to hug them. And of course to tell each of them they are all winners to me.

Res then proceeds to pinch me really hard under my arm while we’re hugging. Ouch!

It makes me cry harder, but everyone just thinks it’s from joy. Damn you Res! But I must remain graceful and classy as I am, of course, in my afternoon gown. Continuing my way to the stage, I have to stop and hug Jack. And oh! Tom and Stephen are there! And oh my! Harrison! Of course Harrison! I’ll come to the after party! Will Calista be there?I get to the stage and Vanna and Victor hand me my award as Barbara softly sings: Can it be that it was all so simple then? (AG think she sees Victor give BG a small tap on the tuckus. You have to love a man with than kind of charisma.)

Or has time rewritten every line? If we had the chance to do it all again. Tell me. Would We? I answer: “We would.”She sings: Could weeeeeeee?I answer: “We could.”And with that she finishes the beautiful song and I step to the mic and speak from the heart. I didn’t write an acceptance speech, after all. I never thought I would win!
I speak: “I’m speechless. I mean just being included in this group is award enough. Res’s gorgeous bakery, Troy’s unbelievable sugar delectables and Grisha’s bootylicious babka! Who knew my bon-bons ever even stood a chance.
I mean/”Orchestra starts to play and Dang! I’m yanked!

(Oh crap — I trip on the way off stage.)

(Res rolls out of his chair LHAO.)

Later on…Blue returns to the stage to thank the judges and gives an extra wink to the Asian Pear boys.


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