Special Thanks To Everyone

I would like to thank everyone for participating in the 2005 Bake-Off! It was a success and a good time was had by all!

Now I don’t want to leave you hanging, so this is the post to really read:

  • All judges: Jedmunds, Lance Mannion, Pinko Punko and Geenie Cola, Pop R. and The Uncanny Canadian enjoyed the cookies. Next year, 2005 judges will make the cookies. We hope additional contestants will enter next year as well. (Res, this is your pay back for the hours of baking).
  • All winners: small gifts will be coming from various judges. Judges will offer prizes to their first place winners (and if Res is a good boy, maybe some others too). And no Troy, it won’t be a cowboy OR a new Hummer like you asked Santa for.
  • Getting the final gifts to everyone is going to take a few days. Troy and Grishaxxx, I need to know what movie theaters you have near you so that the appropriate passes can be purchased.
  • We learned a few things this year: next year there will only be two judges (or couples, i.e. AG and UC, PP and GC). Poor Grishaxxx got the shaft with the UPS and even though I think Pop was in such a munchie rage he doesn’t remember eating them, Res and Troy’s package never got to him and Lance enjoyed the cookie crumb piles from his Newman.
  • Most importantly, I can say to all of you that you made my holidays extra special. Given personal reasons, the holidays have never been a time of great joy. After spending a frustrating 25 December in Manhattan (no good discount Broadway shows and few shows playing at all) with UC and getting back to my car that was dead because the lights were left on, it was wonderful to warm up from the dreary rainy day with a bar from Blue Girl. Two days later, while half asleep running for the airport and scared to meet Uncanny’s family for the first time, Troy and Res’s cookies woke me up and put me at ease. Finally, dining on babka at the same latitude as Oregon in Montreal, made the night swimming (yes, we swam outside in 20 degree weather) all the more fun. I think I can say not only for myself and UC but all the judges, your talents really did make this holiday season a little brighter!

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