Every Office Has One

Every office in North America has one. You know what I am talking about. That one employee who irks the living day lights out of all the other employees. For some it’s the coat riding, yes men, for other’s it’s the office hootch. For AG’s office, it’s “reject man”. Every woman under the age of 30, has been hit on by him at the office. Yep, AG included.

He makes his move quick. Wasting no more than the inital two weeks of employment of a new female to get in his, “you want to have lunch” or “how about drinks after work” comments. Mind you this guy is super creepy, looks and acts weird. It’s not clear whether he actually thinks he has a chance with any woman, but it’s not just the twitchy and creepy factors that result in the negative responses.

Apparently he struck again last week. Darn, it would have been wonderful to witness that because this one was as good as when he asked the 20 year old neice of the HR Director to go for drinks.


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