Jesus is Magic

The Uncanny Canadian and Adorable Girlfriend went to see Sarah Silverman’s movie, Jesus is Magic recently. Big shock huh? The Jews went to see the Jew girl!

The movie was revolting for AG. While Sarah tries to be more of a self centered JAP than AG, which fails by the way, it’s really more about the rape jokes that AG took case with. AG, eponymous Feminist, does not find rape jokes funny. Rape is simply not funny. It’s just not. Not even a little. Niente.

Sarah also tried to make fun of the Holocaust, at the expense of African Americans. There is no Lenny Bruce respect in that either. It showed her Brooklyn like mind set. The killing of 6 million people is challenging to laugh about. Even 60 years later.

Whatever. AG has no sense of humor. Fine. It was 96 minutes out of AG’s life. It had its moments, it made its points. NEXT!


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