Give ‘em Hell

CNN reported earlier today that tempers flared during the Senate Judiciary Committee members during hearings of the Supreme Court nomination of Samuel Alito, with one leading Democrat saying he was “troubled by some of the answers” given by Salito. While Sammie remained calm and poised (He was probably still high from the coke he did with Bush 1 and 2 last night), a heated exchange occurred between the Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy and committee chairman Pennsyltuckey Sen. Arlen Specter.

Hearts to Teddie K. Specter has worn the label of ‘moderate’ for many years and that’s just bullshit. Plain vanilla dung. Specter is nothing but a sell-out, traitor ass pirate who was all too eager to sell out his family and friends for a political nomination. He and Ernie Preate (Former PA Attorney General) should be put in some sort of trailer park retirement home and never heard from again.


One Response to “Give ‘em Hell”

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