I saw this on a jerk yesterday! Excuse me, JERK-off!

This t-shirt is offensive to women. And to gynecologists. What next, a picture of a phone with a caption, “Hello rape hotline, HELP! I want to be raped”. This is not satire. It’s not funny. Not even a little.

If I ever see the Harvard trained Ph.D. who dared to think this was funny, I will kick his ass in Zena-Warrior-Princess style! Worse, if I ever see the women who let his big head pass through her loins in the first place, I am going to kick her in the nuts before going all Zena on her ass too! Who raises a man or woman who wears such filth?

I am so over Brian-the-cobag and elitist liberal types who find this funny! The patriarchy and Brian can kiss my grits!


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