Sorry, but no sorrow here.

USA Today reports that thefts from airport security checkpoints remain a top concern of air travelers, reports Keith L. Alexander, the Business Class columnist for The Washington Post. Alexander talks to passenger John Wright, who claims a $7,000 wedding ring was stolen from a bin on a conveyor belt of an X-ray checkpoint machine at Boston’s Logan International Airport. “I traveled 15 feet and lost a $7,000 diamond wedding ring,” Wright says. “They (Transportation Security Administration workers) looked on the ground and conveyor belt. Nothing. I thought I was in a secure area.” Now Wright has filed a lawsuit against the TSA seeking reimbursement for the ring and attorney’s fees. The TSA has refused to comment on Wright’s case.

This is going to sting a bit, but anyone who spends $7,000 on a wedding ring is possibly an idiot. When did love come with a price tag like that? And if you have a ring that costs that much, why not get it insured? Problem solved in terms of loss of money. If it’s about sentimental value, then don’t take it off. Bottom line. Period. Exclamation point.

One has to wonder why this ring was taken off regardless of sentimental value or not. As a road warrior, there is rarely a need to take off a ring or bracelet. The walk through scanner rarely responds to wedding bands. If one has property valued at more than a few dollars, opt for the scan down if the buzzer rings. That’s why you follow the airlines policies of showing up early. Just in case you need the pat down. (And sometimes that pat down is enjoyable).

Does said genius lock up his car at the airport? One usually does without regard for what the value of the car is because it is valuable and will cost to replace it. The same is true for other possessions. While we don’t know the entire story, this guy just doesn’t seem too bright and TSA cannot be held responsible for spoiled stupidity.


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