Sushi Rampage

Just got in from an incredible birthday dinner. We went out for Japanese at Niki’s Tokyo Inn. They’ve been open since 1970 and serve Texas-sized portions of sushi and sashimi for really cheap prices. And Res is still alive and well and managed to survive an evening with some of my other friends.

I haven’t slipped into a total food coma yet. Amazing given the amount of food we demolished. 3 of us ordered the 10 course meal, 1 ordered a ribeye meal, 1 ordered a fish meal, 1 had an order of hand rolls (6 in an order), and I don’t remember what the last person had. Another just graced us with his presence and enjoyed the Kiran Ichiban beer. In addition to all of that, we had an order of gyoza, a seaweed salad, two orders of fried wontons, an order of egg rolls, a tempura dinner that we all shared (if you were fast enough to get part of it), another order of assorted hand rolls, beef fried rice, and other assorted pieces of sushi. The 10 course meal included chicken fried oysters, fried wontons, a cucumber salad, an egg drop soup that bore no resemblance to Chinese egg drop soup, yakitori, sukiyaki, some fish, and assorted tempura. Think Japanese comfort food.

I had originally planned to take pictures of this amazing meal. Then I kind of got caught up in that whole eating thing. Great food, good conversation, better company…these are things that distract us from taking food pictures. The picture with the guy in the yellow shirt is one of the fish platters. The other picture shows 3 of the handrolls that Res and I couldn’t finish because we were already stuffed.

Forgive me for not remembering what everything was. I’m still in a bit of food euphoria.


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