People Suck!

My car was broken into sometime between 7 PM last night and 4 AM. They didn’t get much after they broke the window. Just a handful of change, my insurance policy and car registration, graduate school bag and an empty suitcase. The best part was that we found the contents of the school bag, sans the cheap nylon bag. When we found it, I said to the Police Officer, “I guess nobody wants a biostats textbook, not even heroin addicts.”

It’s weird because my education is my life right now. My first repsonse after I saw the car was, OK, I need to call the adminstrator of the program. It wasn’t calling the police, the insurance company or The Uncanny Canadian. (I later did all three). The officer was impressed by how happy I was about finding my notebook on the park bench and that I wasn’t hurt or damaged personally. He said he wished I could ride along for the remainder of the day and cheer up others who aren’t as fortunate.

What’s tragic is that it was most likely the work of a few townie kids or project people. (This was deduced this because of the trail they left and the area they walked towards). There has been a rash of break-ins in the area. The officer said that the city tracks this closely and it means that there is a drug house within a four mile radius. It is related to the recent increase of a particular ethnic group’s appearance in this part of the city. This has been a source of concern for the city over the past 35 years, per the officer. It is largely related to the low levels or education and opportunity for these folks. It’s strange because this population is really quite small, but it’s poor and powerful in its own way.

The violation of one’s property is frustrating. It will be a few weeks before riding in the car won’t feel eerie. It’s weird how someone you don’t know can leave this kind of impression on you. Sad. Very sad.


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