Recipe Ideas?

I’m working on improving my diet and I’m looking for recipe suggestions that are tastier than just eating fruits and vegetables.

Now, I’ve made what looks to be a damn good salad to take to work tomorrow. It has baby spinach, field greens, red bell peppers, cilantro, carrots, cucumbers, pecans, and gorgonzola. I’ll probably toss some turkey in too and I bought some kind of dressing to take along with it. It’s sort of been one of those days. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home from class tonight and went through the checkout and then forgot to pick up one of the bags of groceries. Had to run back and get it or I would have been without a lot of my salad stuff and then I would have said fuck it to this whole healthy eating thing.

I’ve even been good and have been going to the gym in addition to the physical conditioning class that I’m taking.

But god, I really suck at the whole healthy cooking thing. I’m constantly in a rush and so I seem to pick up lots of fast food. And when I cook, I’m one of those old-fashioned cooks who likes to use lots of cream, lots of butter, lots of cheese…all the stuff that’s bad for you. And that’s just more force of habit than anything else. Give me a big fat ribeye and a baked potato and I’m a happy guy. And I love my pasta and tortillas and all the rest of that.

I know that healthy food can taste good, so I guess what I’m wanting are some recipes for healthy items that reheat well and are somewhat creative.


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