People Who Annoy Adorable Girlfriend

Dork in seat 15 A.

Yes, let’s begin by starting with the fact that First Class was not available. Fine. We can deal with this. However, 15 A needed a beating. 15 A started innocent enough with “well, we have a middle seat open.” The writing on the wall becomes clear when he shares his entire ordeal of getting a pace maker in February 2005. Note, AG did not ask about this. Fine. We are dealing. However, when he gets up on the soap box and goes off about the fact that the country is messed up because the minority are running it, now we got a problem. How does he come to this conclusion? The following deductions:

1. No prayer in schools.
2. You cannot call it a Christmas tree.
3. Jews put up all their stuff, but no nativity set.
4. Independants must declare a party to vote in primaries.
5. All politicians are crooks.
6. His dad, who was a police officer, would have been put in jail with all the bad people if he committed a crime, but politicians get a ‘country club jail cell’.
7. All Americans don’t want abortion.

You will be glad to know that AG did not fight with this guy. AG is learning to take the high road. Instead of expecting others to be better, AG is setting the tone by being better herself. AG stuck her nose in her Wall Street Journal and ignored him. Of good note, AG learned he has no children and he’s moving out of state. (This will help AG sleep better tonight).

Do you think he’s related to Canuck from Chuckles site? The ‘let’s make up facts, distort truths and push our agenda’ cult strikes OUT again!


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