Sexually Frigid

A trip to found this doughy pantload of Jonah Goldberg like comments:

Not happy, September 25, 2003

Reviewer: A reader (Note that the frigid couple cannot even make up a fake name).

After having done a fair amount of research on Amazon, this book was described in such a way that made it sound like a tasteful, discreet, yet informative book.
Having now received the book, we are appalled at the explicit photographic content, the immoral suggestions (threesomes) and the base language used to describe what we see as a beautiful, God-given act of marriage. (WWJD = Who Would Jesus Do?)

At no time did Amazon lead us to think that this book was as explicit as it is. The description of the book given by Amazon is as follows: “Over 170 Unique Sexual Positions. Medical diagrams guide you to the Incredible G-Spot. The Orchestration of Sensual Foreplay. Oral Lovemaking Techniques. Fully indexed for easy reference”. There was no reference to explicit photographs. “Medical diagrams” also leads one to believe that the book is more tasteful in nature than it is. And nowhere does it mention the inclusion of threesomes.

As a husband and wife, we were merely looking for informative guidance to improving our already satisfactory sex-life. We were bitterly disappointed with the results.
(If being frigid is satisfactory, then they get an A).

Why is it that folks like 15 A and rightards with computers have the need to share their obvious mental illness with the rest of the world?


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