Emails From the Crazies at Work

AG has a heart-on for the consultant Medical Director at work. He is what you get when you take a Jewish boy, you raise him in Philadelphia and then you send him to war torn Israel to live and play with AG.

Below the physicians are discussing whether to calculate drug doses by ideal or true weights of patients:

Chief Medical Officer:

What do you think of Dr. Smith’s paper? Do you think that it is OK to go forward with Dr. Smith’s implication that we don’t change anything based on dosing algorithm that takes into account lean body mass?

Dr. Rocky (The object of AG’s desire today):

His paper doesn’t even touch the question. Everyone knows that there are always outliers in drug sensitivity and resistance. However, if someone throws themselves in front of a speeding train is it correct to assume that anyone by chance could have been hit by the train and that is why it happened.

That’s quality, baby!


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