We’re Back in Two and Two

In our quest to find a nice chap for Madame Rouge to celebrate his Valentine’s Day with, three bachelors have been identified in his region:

1. Bachelor # 1 is a relaxed, down to earth guy for similar fun and romance. He loves to laugh and enjoy life while being honest and grounded at the same time. He studies and play hards, but never takes life too seriously. He is an American living and finding refuge in Canada and loves Toronto.

He is 32, has a Ph.D. and erotica is a turn-on.

2. Bachelor # 2 is looking to date in Toronto. He is 28, easygoing, fun, outspoken, outgoing, loves to travel, does many things, listens to music. He is looking for a potential Long Term Relationship or whatever happens. Prefers guys who are 25 to 38, intelligent and easygoing.

He is not very romantic, but claims to make up for it with his large endowment.

3. Bachelor #3 is a kind, honest and grounded guy happy to be in his late thirties. He finds life just keeps getting better and perhaps there is a compatible guy for him out there who’d like to build a relationship. He has a wide variety of interests, a good career and terrific family and friends. While he is certainly not perfect, he is the kind of person who always attempts to do the right thing. He likes being part of a couple and has the capacity and desire to commit when he cares about a guy. He tends to be a little on…

He’s in his early 20s and likes Mexican food while wearing his size 8 shoes.

Who are you voting for?


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