Musings from a night out in Boca Raton

The Uncanny Canadian and Adorable Girlfriend enjoy this kosher place, Eilat Cafe, in Boca Raton, Florida. The food is amazing there, though neither keep kosher. It’s on the water too. Who knows what makes it so special other than it is. The other patrons are quite a different story.

Last night, the others seemed to think either shtuping or harassing the woman taking names for tables is appropriate etiquette. AG being as lovely as she is and UC being an uncanny fellow knew before arriving that a wait was likely. When food is this good, everyone else knows it too. Hence, a wait will result.

Apparently, the rest of the patrons just did not get this concept. There was the couple around the age of 30 who wanted a confirmation or guarantee when informed it would be approximately 25 minutes, the family who wanted to know why they had a 45 minute wait when they arrived and the new table of five was approximately 20 minutes. The old coffin dodger who informed the woman she was useless, didn’t know anything and she should just leave. To which, UC said, “some people are just rotten” and AG thought, “let me hold the door to escort you out while you leave”.

This was not the Seinfeld Chinese restaurant episode. Sorry folks! If there wasn’t enough Jewish stereotypes after the waiting drama, the inside got better. Not sure if the prize went to the older woman who poured all of the rolls into her leftovers and the people who didn’t like their food, but ate all of it, and wanted it free or the older woman who taped the shoulder of the young couple next to UC and AG and discussed what the table next to them consumed, even though they hadn’t placed their order and the older woman had already eaten and was waiting to go. The real winner was the New York family. AG is guessing Rockland County, probably Nyack, though that’s being generous. Frankly, they were more trashy, which is really saying something. The mother and daughter were in some sort of Mexican hat dance and to the daughter’s credit, her mother was a monster.

There was a couple with their young daughter seated next to them. UC loved their little child with her bold reddish orange hair and cute like light up sneakers. She was more interested in walking around with her train, ‘James’, as she told us his name was then seating for dinner. Nobody minded because she was cute, quiet and easily satisfied. Nasty mom looks over finally, you know because the rest of the world is background for her life, takes one look at the child and says to the mother in an act of offense and strategy to hurt her own daughter too, “good luck with the red head”.

The Jewish people jumped the shark with AG last night. Isn’t there enough cruelty and suffering in the world? With all that is happening in Iraq and various other places from Tibet to Belfast, do we need to be cruel to each other? The Jewish people especially watched and still watch the killings of people based on nothing more than a desire to live freely and openly. And here we are insulting children with red hair and a young girl trying to seat people who we neither know or has done anything to us. Honestly. The public is just rotten.

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